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Red Sheiling, or Promontory Sheiling

Sheiling of good ground (possibly)

Dark (mysterios) sheiling

Deserted Sheiling - or Sheiling of the parting (it is located on a watershed)

Kenneth's Sheiling

Mossy shieling

Sheiling Hill

Hill Shieling

Sheiling of the Priest

The sheiling of the Priest

Sheiling of the flat topped hill (or hen coop)

Sheiling of the juniper

Sheiling of the Cairn

Sheiling of the village

Point of the small raven

Point of the Rough Burn

Divisions of the bay

River of the Serf's Ravine
Frequently locally assumed to be "Troll River" or Troll ravine" but see Subject discussion notes

Ruigh na Traid - Beach Sheiling

Shieling of the cat

Ruigh Chairn- Sheiling of the Cairn

Smooth port (harbour, naust)

Milking pail

Thicket of the deer (hinds)
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