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River of the Serf's Ravine
Frequently locally assumed to be "Troll River" or Troll ravine" but see Subject discussion notes

Crag of the caves

Crag of the eagle

Well of the horses

The big crag of the well of the horses

Small crag of the well of the horses

Loch of the rounded hill plentiful in rowanberries

Rounded hill plentiful in rowanberries

Loch of plentiful rowanberries

Loch of the Sandals/light shoes

The waterfall of the crooked bitch

Yellow slope (note: the grass turns yellow at certain times of the year)

Mountain of the springs (very descriptive)

River of the narrow of the land

The little eye

Loch of the Cross

Crag of the Cross

Marshy slope

Ridge of the sheiling of the hen roost

The sheiling of the Priest

Hill of the hazels

Birch Hill

Loch of the grey round hill

Waterfall of the bracelet

The Black Loch of Murdo's small round hill
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