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Black Island

Assynt Island - but note mixed Gaelic and English - expected to be Eilean Asainte or Assynt Island

Rounded hill of the hares

Hill of the hazel nuts

Hill of the hole of the thicket

Mound of the (water) bailiff

Hill of the ribs

Rock of the fox's lair
(but note nearby placename Brackloch - which maybe an anglicisation of Braclaich

Field of the Kenneth's sheiling ground

Ridge of the valley (dale) of the sword

Loch of the hollow of the (process of) washing
Possibly used for washing sheep?

Loch of the Place of the Sloe

Place of the Sloe

Promontory of the he-goat (or maybe roe deer)

Field of the rough isthmus (river joining two lochs)

Moorland of the black gully

Probably Bent Loch - if Crom, rather than Cròm

Forked Loch, or cornerwsie loch

The reddy brown valley bottom

MacLeod's Loch

Copse of the Birches

Marsh of the reddy brown valley bottom

Marsh of the thrush

Loch of the place of the doe (or ewe)
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